Junior League (Gr. 4-7)

Spring 4v4 League

Our Spring 4v4 League is a great chance for you to play some fun and competitive games, all with the help of experienced coaches! The league is an awesome opportunity to work on skills learned in practice, in a competitive scenario. Whether it’s a new throw or type of cut, you'll learn a ton and meet new friends while doing it!

About The League

  1. Maximum 10:1 Player to Coach Ratio
  2. Fun, Safe, Inclusive Environment
  3. Anyone can join! You don't have to be in an Academy program
  4. Players will be split into age and skill-appropriate groups
  5. All sessions will start with a group warm-up
  6. Price includes reversible jersey

Brewers Park - Vancouver




May 8 - June 19


5:30 - 7 pm


8 - 12





It is highly recommended that athletes in the league are either on their school Ultimate team, or registered in one of our Junior programs. This is because the league will feature almost zero drills, and Ultimate is not very fun if you cannot throw and catch.